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Moominmug, Moomin HSR (special mug)
Special Moominmug for the Swedish, market sold only in year 2015. (we also deliver to other...
SEK 299
Moomin leather slippers, SNORKMAIDEN
Moomin leather slippers, SNORKMAIDEN.
SEK 199SEK 249
Coffee can with the Moomin series
Lovely coffee can with Moomin series on.
SEK 120
Salt & Pepper in Ceramics, Little My
Sweet Salt & Pepper in ceramics with Little My.
SEK 120
Moomin Doll, Little My (Tove 100)
Moomin Doll, Little My(Tove 100)
SEK 220
Children service 3-parts, Tove 100 (Giftbox)
This service consists of Three parts:
SEK 259
Bookends, Little My 2 pcs
Cute bookends in metal with Little My.
SEK 169
Family Moomin tray
Sunshine Moomin tray
SEK 199
Table cloth Moomin friends
Table cloth Moominhouse
SEK 285
Arabia Moomin Bowl, Snufkin
Children and adults alike fall in love with the sympathetic characters of Moomin Valley as...
SEK 399
Moomin Puzzle 1000 Pieces
Puzzle 1000 Pieces
SEK 199
Enamel Plate, STINKY RETRO
Moomin enamel plate from Muurla Design.
SEK 249
Moomin decoration ball
Moomin decoration ball
SEK 149SEK 199
Pillowcase Snufkin
Pillow Snufkin
SEK 299
Moomin celebration Arabia Pieplate, Moominmamma
Pieplate with Moominmama from Arabia.
SEK 499
Moomin enamel mug MOMINPAPPA
Variant: Together forever pink
SEK 159
Magnet - Moomin Hug
Magnetic Moomin Hug
SEK 49
Enamel bowl, Snorkmaiden
Moomin enamel bowl from Muurla Design.
SEK 275
Enameljar 1 L, Little My green
Enameljar with Little My from Muurla Design.
SEK 299
Moomin kitchen towel Little My
Moomin kitchen towel.
Moominmamma Terry Towel 30x50 cm
Lovely terry towel with motif of moomin from the Moomin Valley that makes a perfect gift!
SEK 69
Moomin Bedset MAGIC MOOMIN
Moomin Night bed linen with duvet cover and pillow case is designed on basis of original drawings...
SEK 599
Moomin Moneybox
Lovely money box with Moomin.
SEK 325
Moomin thermometer, Snorkmaiden
Keep track of grades with the help of cute Snorkmaiden. Practical thermometer metal which can be...
SEK 125
Moomin Travelmug, Stinky
Violent Moomin travel mug.
SEK 199
Moomin scissors, Sniff
Fiskars classical scissors with lovely Moomin-motif. Ideal for all kinds of cutting tasks at home...
SEK 229
Muurla - Moomin - Glassplate  26 cm, Tove 100
Muurla - Moomin - Glassplate 26 cm, Little My
SEK 599
Moomin cutlery, Moomins first snow
Hackman's Moomin cutlery for children make every meal a fun adventure. Moomintroll, Moominmum,...
SEK 349
Moomintumbler, Moomin
Moomin tumbler with Moomin - A perfect gift for all moomin-lovers!
SEK 89
Moomin tin
Moomin tin
SEK 110
Springform Moomin Cake Heart, 22 cm
Springform Moomin Cake, 22 cm.
SEK 139
Silver Necklace with Little My
So cute Silver necklace with Little My.
SEK 360
Dishcloth Moominmamma
Original illustration by Tove Jansson.
SEK 29
Springform Moomin Cake, 24 cm
Springform Moomin Cake, 24 cm.
SEK 235
Moomin Can Black
Snorkmaiden sugar can.
SEK 249
Jewelry box, Little My
Lovely jewelry box.
SEK 325
Giftcard, 300 SEK
Giftcard 300 SEK.
SEK 300